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​COMPRO for Abaqus Release Notes​​​ Done​

v1.10 (r10252)

  • Fixed crash when calling compro.activateAnalysisType in noGUI mode
  • Fixed generateVfINP error when SDVs are missing from ODB

v1.09 (r9566)

  • Fixed bug preventing multi-section composite regions from being properly converted to porous elements for flow-compaction analyses

​v1.09 (r9440)

  • Renamed "Calculate resin bleed" button to "Volume of resin to bleed out"​
  • Added warning when attempting to calculated resin bleed on thero-chemical and stress-deformation ODBs

v1.09 (r9381)

  • Added "Calculate resin bleed" button to post processing tab
  • Updated CCA Libraries

v1.08 (r9332)

  • Added *Expansion keyword for fully-cured materials converted to Abaqus materials

v1.08 (r9274)

  • Updated CCA Libraries

v1.08 (r9207)

  • Added support for 6.14-4 and 6.14-5 to the installer
  • Fixed bug where stress analysis sections would be ignored for section names of exactly 16 characters long

v1.08 (r9197)

  • Fixed element set uniqueness check per part, which was causing issues for multiple part layers and affecting flow-compaction analyses

v1.08 (r9171)

  • Removed error message about multiple materials in stress analyses when no COMPRO materials are found in the model

v1.08 (r8957)

  • Handled ODB close error preventing temperature include file for flow-compaction analyses from being generated

v1.08 (r8948)

  • Fixed "Keyerror" when writing files with materials which lack identifiers

v1.08 (r8899)

  • Fixed automated step switching to handle user-defined steps

v1.07 (r8890)

  • Relaxed required step checking for stress-deformation analyses to allow for user-defined steps

v1.07 (r8752)

  • Improved the speed of Vf extraction from flow-compaction runs for use in stress-deformation
  • Minor tweak to Vf template generation instance naming

v1.06 (r8682)

  • Added small additional feedback when running generateVfINP in a batch script

v1.06 (r8650)

  • The plugin will no longer include smearing values in cca-configuration.xml for materials with architecture definitions​

v1.05 (r8618)

  • Minor CCA library update​​

v1.05 (r8607)

  • CCA library update

 v1.05 (r8500)

  • Improved speed of node set rebuilding for large node sets

v1.05 (r8494)

  • Fixed reporting of invalid model parameters in material files
  • Fixed using CK33 materials fully cured
  • Added version number display on the post processing tab inside the plugin

v1.04 (r8372)

  • Updated CK33
  • Fixed missing CK31

v1.04 (r8236)

  • Fixed crash when trying to use an existing ODB outside of the job directory and on a different drive than the job directory

v1.04 (r8204)

  • Fixed missing *Elastic keyword when converting COMPRO tooling materials to Abaqus materials for flow-compaction analyses
  • Added additional error checking to ODB access
  • Fixed possible crash when trying to use thermo-chemical ODBs from outside the working directory to drive another analysis

v1.04 (r8108)

  • Fixed conductivity unit conversion when using USCS (again)

v1.04 (r8082)

  • Added error dialog to report errors related to material file parsing

v1.04 (r8071)

  • Disabled automatic fibre-bed compaction override in cca-configuration.xml

v1.04 (r8007)

  • Fixed bug when converting COMPRO materials to Abaqus materials (iDoC = 1.0) for materials lacking modulus models

v1.04 (r8002)

  • Fixed bug preventing multiple materials in composite sections for stress runs

v1.04 (r7940)

  • Fixed crash when running single-element analyses

v1.04 (r7916)

  • Fixed bug causing some elements to not be updated to the correct element type if part and instance element set names overlapped

v1.04 (r7866)

  • Fixed crash when part and instance element set names overlapped

v1.04 (r7858)

  • Added the ability to specify the number of CPUs to use to the plugin UI

v1.03 (r7854)

  • Fixed incorrect error about failing to generate flow-compaction temperature history file when using a predefined temperature field for a flow-compaction analysis
  • Fixed error when submitting flow-compaction analysis when attempting to use linear elements

v1.03 (r7838)

  • Fixed conductivity unit conversion when using USCS
  • Validate/write/submit buttons are now disabled when no valid analyses are selected

v1.03 (r7679)

  • Added support for multiple orientations per region
  • Fixed incorrect reporting of elements changed in .clog file

v1.02 (r7660)

  • Fixed crash in 6.12 and 6.13 when calculating fully cured material properties

v1.02 (r7653)

  • Fixed rare crash when open ODB has no root assembly

v1.02 (r7575)

  • Added option to manually specify Abaqus installation folder in installer
  • Added automatic detection of Abaqus 6.14-2 and 6.14-3
  • Fixed unit conversion library loading bug

v1.02 (r7426)

  • Updated CCA DLLs

v1.02 (r7329)

  • Improved plugin installer Abaqus detection method

v1.01 (r7264)

  • Updated CCA DLLs

v1.01 (r7193)

Added "ply grouping" to thermal and flow simulations. This takes stack sequences with similar "A" and "B" smearing factors and groups them together. This greatly reduces the number of automatic materials generated by the plugin without sacrificing much accuracy. The tolerance for grouping the A and B factors is 0.001, and is not changeable by users. Users can choose to turn ply grouping off in the plug-in.

Compatible with ABAQUS 6.12-x and 6.13-x