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​Raven 3 Release Notes Done​

v3.7.7 r10240​

  • Unlocked several features for customers: automatic calculation of flow index, resin shear modulus, resin bulk modulus, linear cure shrinkage strain, linear CTE strain, linear total strain, constrained resin cure stress, constrained resin thermal stress, constrained resin total stress. Unlocked area-under-the-curve plot tool
  • Improved importing TA data with break points
  • Fixed probe annotation arrow bounds
  • Added initial uncured dynamic plot to process maps, even if isothermals aren't selected​​

v3.7.6 r10127

  • CRITICAL: Fixed Tencate TC250/AS4C Fabric and TC275-1/HTS50 Fabric files (missing "fabric" architecture tags)
  • Fixed flow index and Tg reporting for hybrid unit sets
  • Fixed typo in M65 material file

v3.7.5 r10093

  • Fixed crash when editing 1D simulation that uses a material that isn't present
  • Added progress bars to splash screen
  • Fixed out-of-range and other data errors when masking series data
  • Made config file loading more robust
  • Added ability to paste Abaqus *AMPLITUDE definition to create imported data
  • Fixed long start times for certain network configurations
  • Updated CCA dlls
  • Fixed crash after updating data path

v3.7.4 r9974

  • Fixed warning when updating through-thickness plots
  • Fixed material file revision number reporting in status window
  • Fixed unit conversion errors with 2D template setup and probing
  • Better handling of importing TRIOS data files
  • Fixed processing mask editor
  • Updated TenCate 250 and 275-1 materials with viscosity models
  • Workaround for crash with getting user list​

v3.7.3 r9861

  • Fixed PDF plot exporting
  • Fixed workspace-saving bug

​​v3.7.2 r9819

  • ​Added support for importing Abaqus .rpt files
  • Added saved zoom states to plot right-click menus
  • Added prompt for confirmation when deleting plot object from the right-click menu
  • Improved material selection control user experience
  • Removed confusing unit labels from custom column dialog
  • Updated CCA DLLs with VI17 model
  • Fixed plots not reponding to key presses after right-clicking the plot
  • Fixed unit conversion issues with 3D LPT
  • Fixed startup crash related to permissions on outcome spec file
  • Fixed crash when a license server runs out of tokens to issue
  • Fixed imported cycles with commas in the names having truncated names
  • Fixed crash when creating custom columns in data imported from some text files​

v3.7.1 r9467

  • Fixed DPI issue saving plot to file
  • Fixed 3D LPT calculator
  • Fixed gauge pressure import
  • Fixed 3D LPT/custom unit sets bug
  • Added MPa, GPa unit types
  • Fixed mouse wheel zooming on plots
  • Fixed crash when auto-plotting DOC in 1D tasks
  • Added small timesteps for 1D thermoplastic analyses

​v3.7.0 r9356

  • Updated matplotlib/numpy upstream libraries
  • Added TORAYCA M40J
  • Fixed unit conversion bug on 1D stack dialog
  • Add gauge pressure unit type
  • Fixed importing 'vacuum' data
  • Incorporates many fixes from COHO development
  • Removed incorrect "tips"

v3.6.5 r9084

  • Fixes to parameter study engine, outcome assessment
  • Improved feedback when saving workspaces
  • Fixed missing custom material data directory crash
  • Fixes to unit set saving
  • Material file + signature updates

v3.6.4 r8968

  • Fixes to importing data
  • Added external API, outcome assessment, parameter study engine
  • Fixes to plot animation
  • Fixed unusual key press on plot bug
  • Fixed data range in query dialog
  • Fixed cycles from gridded data
  • Fixed plots with same name not selectable through Windows menu
  • Fixed mm/mm conversion

​v3.6.3 r8790

  • Fixed crash when hiding re-docked plots
  • Material file signature updates
  • Added ability to specify the material file directory (Options|Preferences|Data Files)
  • Fixes to custom columns, related to when materials change or cannot be found after simulation changes
  • CCA library update
  • Fixes to "in-use" license detection

​v3.6.2 r8735

  • Fixed log(x,y) custom column operation
  • Fixed handling of very large or very small timesteps in imported data 
  • Improved/fixed plot zooming shortcuts (ctrl+# to save, # to load saved zooms, zoom last fixed)
  • Improved clipboard handling, particularly for large clipboard objects​
  • Added support for <architecture> tag in CCA data files
  • Added legend positioning relative to plot corners
  • Changed how encrypted files are handled -- now optionally unencrypted after RAVEN has started up

v3.6.0 r8620

  • Fixed data engine call that was inserting extraneous columns at the end of 0D simulations
  • Version bump due to CCA library interface change

v3.5.17 r8599

  • Actually fixed crash when loading workspaces with certain license flags disabled

v3.5.16 r8543

  • Added ability to override locked simulations and edit them
  • Fixed paste from Excel bug
  • Fixed crash when loading workspaces with certain license flags disabled

v3.5.15 r8513

  • Updated CCA libraries
  • Fixed task-based plots overwriting user formatting changes on update
  • Fixed visible plot after loading a workspace not being the active plot
  • Fixed mechanical properties not appearing in 1D analysis results for non-curing materials
  • Fixed options dialog layout when unit sets with long names exist
  • Fixed manage imported data types not allowing assignment of "Undefined"
  • Fixed bug preventing plot refreshed after changing imported data types
  • Fixed bug when running 2-point tabular cure cycle
  • Fixed issue importing data with "mins" units for time
  • Fixed crash when prompting for a license if no config file exists
  • Fixed crash when probing zoomed data not plotted against time
  • Fixed crash when extracting Tx from data without temperature
  • Fixed crash when attempting to create a simulation with no materials installed
  • Fixed crash when importing CSV with standard Excel error codes (#DIV/0!, etc)
  • Fixed crash when reloading CSV from file
  • Fixed crash when creating a mask for a brand new plot
  • Fixed series rendering bug when changing units for plots with masks
  • Fixed several very minor memory leaks

v3.5.14 r8322

  • Updated CCA libraries
  • Fixed bugs associated with using cycles from data or other runs
  • Fixed crash when probing series maximums
  • Fixed colour rotation
  • Fixed crash with unicode file names
  • Fixed rendering/zooming bug for log-x axes
  • Fixed bugs associated with importing external data with "problems"
  • Improved imported data unit handling
  • Fixed 1D analyses in unit systems other than SI
  • Fixed plot updating on unit changes
  • Fixed probing end of very long series
  • Improved gridding of very large data sets
  • Fixed installer examples shortcut bug

v3.5.13 r8068

  • ​Fixed crash related to disabled plots with plot annotations

v3.5.12 r8058

  • Fixed 1D simulations of non-curing materials, updated all "OTHER-" non-curing materials
  • Fixed process map cycles showing up in cycle editor
  • Fixed many plot interaction bugs
  • Fixed some unit system display/selection bugs
  • Fixed annotation label update bug on unit system change
  • Fixed material file list updating (no RAVEN restart required if materials are added)
  • Fixed "always user viewer mode" bugs
  • Fixed masked series probe bugs
  • Fixed coordinate check on workspace load for 1D analysis bug
  • Fixed updating manual queries when source data changed

v3.5.11 r8021

  • Fixed problems related to plotting modulus and mechanical property development in 1D analyses
  • Fixed handful of bugs related to plot annotations, created "Plots" preferences to set default probe annotation label format, added more plot annotation presets
  • Added material file location to about box
  • Fixed units bug in 3D LPT CTE calculation

v3.5.10 r7966

  • Fixed crash related to area tool (bleeding edge)

v3.5.9 r7955

  • Fixed copy/paste bug when pasting studies multiple times
  • Fixed crash starting up with non-existent unit system
  • Fixed crash loading files with custom unit sets which overlap with existing set names
  • Fixed loading files with invalid references
  • Fixed crash when changing unit sets on a non-visible plot
  • Fixed legend bug that prevented double-clicking series after saving RWS
  • Fixed Tx extraction when probing certain data
  • Fixed crash when using some plot tools on certain data
  • Fixed timestep issues when using certain imported data
  • Fixed task 1 and 2 for crystallinity models
  • Fixed crash when renaming custom columns to no name
  • Fixed editing custom columns dropping custom column type
  • Added cancel button to process map creation
  • Fixed merge/grid bug
  • Added code to detect negative/duplicate time steps in data about to be merged/gridded

v3.5.8 r7750

  • Fixed bug in cure cycle editor with ramp rates that caused unexpected behaviour when using non-SI unit system.
  • Fixed bug causing isothermal process maps to sometimes miss certain time values.
  • Adjusted auto-thinning of basic simulations to thin to a maximum of 1000 points for cycles shorter than 60 minutes.

v3.5.7 r7718

  • Fixed bug in cure cycle editor that caused unexpected behaviour when using non-SI unit system.
  • Fixed minor licensing bugs.
  • Added automatic calculation of resin bulk and shear modulus to "bleeding edge" version.
  • Changed cure cycle ramp overshoot/undershoot thresholds to accommodate high temperature rates (6000 C/min)
  • Updated plot context menu to include "delete series" option

v3.5.6 r7695

  • Updated analysis engine and RAVEN to handle small time-steps often encountered in thermoplastic simulations. You can disable the time-step limitations in the Options|Preferences|Analysis dialog box.
  • File import engine detects negative time steps and prompts user on how to deal with them
  • Updated RAVEN to check for 1D simulations terminating exactly 0.5 minutes short (limitation of COMPRO2D engine when performing cycles with just holds)
  • Fixed educational module only checking out 1 license (should be 4)
  • Cleaned up how RAVEN handles no licenses available from the license server due to them all being in use. Now, it will report who is using the licenses, and then drop to viewer mode, without prompting the user to specify a server again. Also added a debug menu item to see who else has licenses checked out on the server.

v3.5.5 r7644

  • Fixed problem with 0D analyses that caused crash for any material
  • Fixed problem with editing custom columns

v3.5.4 r7607

  • Added option to remove temperature cycle rate limitations (Options|Preferences|Analysis)
  • Added "Crystallinity" in place of DOC for thermoplastic models CK21 and CK33
  • Fixed 3D LPT calculator
  • Fixed oneshot calculator
  • Fixed importing Volts
  • Fixed single-column data imports
  • Fixed long-running RAVEN runs (1E6 minutes)
  • Fixed several probing bugs

v3.5.3 r7324

  • Added ability to import txt files from Ignition SCADA system
  • Fixed bug related to deleting plots with annotations (#2900)
  • Fixed crash related to tooltip in 1D stack dialog (#2901)
  • Fixed several plot annotation bugs

v3.5.2 r7310

  • Sped-up 1D simulation tree updates

v3.5.1 r7304

  • Updated base ship materials to include CYTEC materials
  • Updated base ship materials to include NCAMP materials for everyone
  • Fixed custom column unit bug (#2844)
  • Fixed model equations for legacy material editor

v3.5.0 r7254

  • Fixes a number of issues related to the MPP-engine change-over. "Public" release of v3.5.0

v3.5.0 r7173

  • Moved to the "MPP" CCA code base. This is a CCA engine-change only, and users should not notice a difference.